Quality and safety

Quality and safety


We at Baltic Marine Contractors have created a common management system with policies and targets within quality and environment. We want to be able to meet your needs within short notice and always make sure quality is of importance.

As a supplier of Marine Electrical and Mechanical Services, we are committed to meet our customers’ expectations of us within sales and service. We use quality assurance systems to continuously improve our services and management system.

The purpose of BMC’s quality policy is to ensure that the quality level agreed upon with the customer is met and maintained. The quality policy is reviewed at least once a year.


We know that quality is of great importance to you and it is as well to us. BMC holds the ISO 9001 certificate which addresses various aspects of quality management and standards.


  • Annual improvement plans for the company
  • Process for handling of complaints
  • Process for handling of non-conformity
  • Surveys of compliance with processes and of customer satisfaction
  • Competence development of our employees
  • Monitoring the performance of our processes
  • 24-hour service
  • Specialized service engineers

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